Christmas Lights Installation

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Are you tired of putting up holiday lights and decorations for all the different occasions? Yet, you still want to be able to enjoy the festive look.

Residential and Commercial

We decorate more and more residential and commercial properties every year. We provide either the new incandescent bulbor L.E.D. We strongly recommend the newer LED bulbs for many reasons. . We can outline your roof in clear white, solid colors or multi-colored Christmas Lights. Each bulb is individually clipped into place to give you a “clean, straight, evenly-spaced” look. We use a variety of attaching methods to give you the best look while still allowing for the lights to be removed when the season is over.

Maintenance and Removal

small_imageAlthough it’s seldom needed, we will do maintenance on your lighting throughout the season. We also remove them in a timely manner in early January. You do not need to call and track us down, removal is part of the service! Also, we storage your lights at no charge to you…

Licensed and Insured

Our Company has a $1,000,000 General Liability Policy & $1,000,000 worker’s comp policy so you are protected from accident liability. Anytime, a customer needs a copy of our insurance, please ask. Every house is insured and protected…

October Installation Discount

We must start hanging Christmas lights in October. Therefore, we offer a 10% Discount to those who call to schedule installation before October 31st. Anyone who allows us to hang their lights between October 1st and October 31st will get a 10% discount. In order to make sure you get on the DISCOUNT SCHEDULE, please contact us as early in the year as possible. We reply to your calls and emails year round, so don’t wait!

Call Us For Any Occasion

The work we provide is simple. Call us for any occasion. Even if you just want to spice up your home or business with some decorations. We have decorations of all sorts, but our specialty is lights. We can decorate anything from a room indoors, to a picnic area in your backyard.

Pricing and Packages

Packages based on the size of the job, location, supplies needed and labor costs. Our labor is clean, fast and efficient. Our team will leave no mess, work around your schedule all while accommodating your needs. ACT NOW AND RECEIVE 15% OFF YOUR BILL WHEN YOU RESERVE BY OCTOBER 1ST.