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We have decorations of all sorts, but our specialty is lights.


Are you tired of putting up holiday lights and decorations for all the different occasions? Yet, you still want to be able to enjoy the festive look.

Do you dread all the work it takes to remove the decorations afterward? What about the difficult task of trying to untangle all the lights and the headache of them not working once you have untangled them or put them up?
Don’t stress over making your event or home look incredible — Call us!!
The work we provide is simple. Call us for any occasion. Even if you just want to spice up your home or business with some decorations.

We have decorations of all sorts, but our specialty is lighting. We can decorate anything from a room indoors, to a picnic area in your backyard.

We can use the lights or decorations you already have or we can supply them for you. If we supply the lights and/or decorations, you can choose to either rent or purchase them from us. It’s all up to you! We cater to your needs.
Avoid having to be out in the bitter, cold winter months decorating your home or business. Let us put those Christmas decorations up for you or decorate for the event that you are planning!

We can make your front lawn look like a haunted cemetery or we can turn an ordinary party into an EXTRA-ordinary light fest!
Christmas, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Birthday parties, Graduations, Promotions, Retirements, Anniversaries Baptism/Communion/Confirmation, Bar mitzvah/Bat mitzvah, AND JUST FOR FUN!!!!!!

We take pride in offering the best in customer service. We guarantee all our work and provide the lowest rates in Michigan.


Avoid slips and falls while decorating for the holidays!

Leave it to us to help safely decorate your house with beautiful lights. During the Christmas season, over 13,000 people go to the hospital due to injuries from hanging Christmas lights.

“We know when we need help, when we don’t, and we always test a roof before we go up with a ladder. A lot of homeowners think they can just go out there and they don’t know — the next thing you know they break a leg and there’s no one there to help them.”
-Martin Zoro

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